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Business Threatened
Risk Management Keeps Your Business Operating

The business world today is more competitive than ever before, with improvements in
transportation and communication making it easier for global competitors to impact your market
share. New manufacturing technologies aimed at achieving more output from fewer machines
mean that fewer locations and systems control more assets. Failure or damage of critical
equipment or plant assets - whether from fire, utility interruption, equipment failure, earthquake,
flood or other causes results in larger dollar losses. Industry experts cite that following a major
fire, 30% of business never re-open for business and an additional 30% go out of business within
3 years.

Your Long Term Viability Is Important To Us

While the direct and tangible effects of a loss can be readily seen, the loss of a company's ability
to generate sales and provide profit is less obvious but has far reaching consequences for a
business. In many cases, this loss of production capacity and the time taken to rebuild can result
in loss of market share that may never be recovered. This can threaten the long-term viability of a
business and jeopardise years of investment and effort.

Successful Business Learn To Control Risk

The ability to control and provide methods to minimise risks are what distinguishes successful
businesses who consistently do well in the medium and long term from those that have
unplanned problems threatening their existence.

RCS is Experienced in Identifying and Controlling Risk

Our aim is to assist our customers in developing a risk management program that addresses
these inherent risks while maintaining consistency with the organisation's goals. In this way,
risks are identified and controlled as existing buildings and plants are refurbished, as new
facilities are designed and built and as new plant layouts are organised.
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