Risk Consulting Services
Some of the activities that RCS can provide assistance are:

  • Permit to Work Procedures
  • Self Inspection Program
  • Flammable Liquids Assessment & Control
  • Plan Review for New Construction or Fire Protection Upgrade
  • Evaluation of the Criticality of Computer Systems & Associated Fire Protection Systems
  • Fire Protection Systems Performance Testing and Assessment

Machinery Breakdown Risk:

  • Predictive & Preventive Maintenance Evaluations
  • Exposure & Control Evaluations
  • Business Interruption Evaluations

Liability Risk:

Consumers and business are now more aware of their legal rights and the possibility of legal recourse
than ever before. More and more products are being exported to other markets and are subject to the
increasingly litigious legal environment of those markets. This necessitates the need for business to
have controls in place to minimise the organisation's exposure to expensive and time consuming legal

Activities where RCS can assist in setting up a program to help control general liability risks are:

  • General Liability Accident Trend Analysis
  • Fire Life Safety Evaluations
  • Self Inspection Program

Specialised Risk:

RCS in association with other specialists also offer the following services:

  • Lightning research, evaluation and associated lightning protections.

  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection - a non-destructive testing solution.

  • Transformer Insulating Oil Analysis

  • Vibration Monitoring Evaluation
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  • Investigation and Forensic Analysis
  • Retrofit and Design Review
  • Compliance and Safety Survey